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How to Wear Chelsea Boots This Summer

Face it, if you don’t already have some chelsea boots, you’re missing out. They’re comfortable, stylish, versatile, and just freakin’ cool! What other reasons do you need?? I just got this new pair from Shoeology NYC. They’re an awesome brand based in SoHo, NY who’s involved in the full process of creation to sales of their product, which means they’re able to avoid a lot of the extra costs that other brands deal with and keep prices as low as possible.

Chelseas are one of, if not the most popular boot style right now and I want to talk today about how to style them in the summer time. A lot of times people immediately reach for sneakers, boat shoes, flip flops, or some other type of lighter shoe in the summer, which is understandable. I’m here to show you that you shouldn’t forget about your boots. It’s scientifically proven that they increase masculinity by 63% (not based on any actual facts)……..Read Article

How the New Site ShoeologyNYC Is Targeting 20-Something Shoppers

shoeology-3When accountant Adam Granat decided to switch careers and step into the men’s shoe business with the launch of, a direct-to-consumer website, he knew he was entering crowded waters. So, he decided to hone in on an underserved market of trend-driven product at under $100 targeting 20- and-30-somethings. “Sitting behind a desk wasn’t my cup of tea,” said 27-year-old Granat, who has an MBA. “I’ve always had a passion for shoes and the [concept] seemed to have great possibilities.” Granat grew up in the footwear industry. His father, Steve Granat, an industry veteran with a background in the men’s category, helped spark his interest in the business. The website, which launched this month, features a collection of boots, sneakers and casuals with an urban vibe, and is produced exclusively in Portugal. “[The region] is a major hub for shoemaking and known for its quality and reliability,” said Granat, who works directly with factories on design……Read Article

Classic for a Reason

If you’re delving into fashion in a serious way for the first time or if you’re simply trying to expand on your current closet, starting with the basics is essential. Classic pieces are classic for a reason. In terms of shoes, every man should own a pair of chukka boots. They look great, are super comfortable and most importantly, awesomely versatile. Versatility should be your best friend, especially if you’re balling on a budget. I’m showing off these suede chukka boots from Shoeology NYC today. They’re a brand I’ve worked with in the past and really love because of their ability to offer great shoes at a crazy affordable price point. (These are $69!!) The suede is buttery soft and the fit is excellent. A shoe like this works with denim, chinos or even a slightly more casual suit. Getting something that will give you tons of options is the best! A suede boot can be tough in the wintertime if you live someplace snowy, so get yourself some protecting spray and coat those bad boys to keep them safe from harm……Read Article

New Chelsea’s In My Closet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that one of the hottest trends not only in men’s fashion but in footwear alone is the Chelsea boot, and I’m a huge fan! Some of these brands sell them for upwards to $1000, so it was nice to see that Shoeology makes and sells them for less than $100! (You don’t always have to break the bank to follow trends) I paired these Thompson Brown Chelsea Boots with black pants, this rust vintage button down, my black leather and this green fedora (just to add a little pop of color, but not over the top) I felt like the look was sort of that old school Brooklyn vibe 🙂 The distressed brown on the boots gives them that worn-in, casual look but the subtle sheen on the leather keeps them a little dressy. If you don’t own any yet and are hesitant to try a chelsea boot, due to the more refined look and narrow shoe silhouette, these are a good pair to start off on – price-wise and they’re one of the more rugged styles I own, for you manly men! :P…..Read Article

Up your Shoe Game with Shoeology

dejourMeet one of my new obsessions: Shoeology! The new shoe company, which just launched this month, aims to dress the modern and fashion-forward man in stylish shoes at affordable prices. Their top-quality products are designed in SoHo, Manhattan and lovingly handcrafted in Portugal. Their designs are classy and dapper with an edgy vibe. You can wear them to work, evenings out or my favorite time of day: brunch! One of the best things about Shoeology is how affordable they are! Finding a pair of European designed footwear brand with such superior leather uppers for less than $100, isn’t an easy find but by bypassing the retailer markups, Shoeology makes you their primary focus by not breaking your bank. For this first look, we went with a casual preppy look. We paired this Ralph Lauren zip-up sweater with a pair of black Topman skinny jeans (which are one of my favorite go to’s because they go with everything!) and a black Calvin Klein t-shirt. For the shoes, we picked Shoeology’s light brown suede chukka boots which quickly became one of my FAVORITE new shoes!…..Read Article

Beach Boots

shoeology-4-of-8-735x489Hooray!! Congratulations!!! You’re one of the lucky people who have the opportunity to visit the beach this time of year. It’s honestly the best guys. There’s way less traffic, parking is easier, there’s TONS more space on the beach, and it’s warm enough for a t-shirt in the daytime but you don’t have to worry as much about getting a sunburn. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a pretty nice time. Although a t-shirt is doable, I’m often the guy who ends up wearing boots to the beach in the late fall and winter. Something about boots makes my feet feel protected and clean. Also, considering I’m such a sneaker freak, you know I’m not trying to get my shoes dirty in the wet sand. Boots are tough, they’re supposed to get dirty. These saweeeet black leather chelsea boots are from Shoeology NYC, a new brand that’s offering high quality European footwear for less than $100. They’ve integrated the vertical system where they’re involved in the entire chain of design, manufacturing and sales so they’re able to charge MUCH less than department store brands. The brand is JUST about to launch, so be sure to jump on their site and subscribe to the newsletter so you know when their stuff becomes available…..Read Article

Boot Season

shoeology-bootseasonBoots are my everything! They’re my grab-n-go, my wear-everywhere, my hiking boot and my party shoe. The city can be crazy tough on footwear, which has basically turned me into a boot hoarder. But I’m not sorry about it!! It means I can try out new styles and have options for every occasion. Suede, chukka, lace-up and hiking, gotta have em all.

For today’s post, I partnered with a brand new NYC-based shoe company that’s shaking up the market. The brand is called Shoeology, and they’re objective is to offer quality footwear, designed in Soho and produced in Portugal, for a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

All of their boots are $95 or less. Their site just launched, so click HERE to see their full collection and hear their story first hand! It’s fantastic to see my neighbors reimagining what accessible quality looks like. Scroll down and see the two different looks I put together with their boots. Both Winter-casual, but featuring two very different styles…..Read Article

A Dapper Guy’s Gift Guide

Stomp through the snow confidently this winter with these two options from Timberland and newly launched brand, Shoeology NYC. The Tim’s are a limited edition run as part of the Naughty or Nice collection, so if he deserves coal in his stocking this year, you can very nicely remind him with this naughty pair. The Shoeology pair give a little pep in his step with a signature brown leather and a tough sole to keep from any slips……Read Article