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How the New Site ShoeologyNYC Is Targeting 20-Something Shoppers

When accountant Adam Granat decided to switch careers and step into the men’s shoe business with the launch of, a direct-to-consumer website, he knew he was entering crowded waters. So, he decided to hone in on an underserved market of trend-driven product at under $100 targeting 20- and-30-somethings.

“Sitting behind a desk wasn’t my cup of tea,” said 27-year-old Granat, who has an MBA. “I’ve always had a passion for shoes and the [concept] seemed to have great possibilities.” Granat grew up in the footwear industry. His father, Steve Granat, an industry veteran with a background in the men’s category, helped spark his interest in the business. The website, which launched this month, features a collection of boots, sneakers and casuals with an urban vibe, and is produced exclusively in Portugal. “[The region] is a major hub for shoemaking and known for its quality and reliability,” said Granat, who works directly with factories on design......Read Article

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