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Classic for a Reason

If you’re delving into fashion in a serious way for the first time or if you’re simply trying to expand on your current closet, starting with the basics is essential. Classic pieces are classic for a reason. In terms of shoes, every man should own a pair of chukka boots. They look great, are super comfortable and most importantly, awesomely versatile. Versatility should be your best friend, especially if you’re balling on a budget. I’m showing off these suede chukka boots from Shoeology NYC today.

They’re a brand I’ve worked with in the past and really love because of their ability to offer great shoes at a crazy affordable price point. (These are $69!!) The suede is buttery soft and the fit is excellent. A shoe like this works with denim, chinos or even a slightly more casual suit. Getting something that will give you tons of options is the best! A suede boot can be tough in the wintertime if you live someplace snowy, so get yourself some protecting spray and coat those bad boys to keep them safe from harm......Read Article

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