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How to Wear Chelsea Boots This Summer

Face it, if you don’t already have some Chelsea boots, you’re missing out. They’re comfortable, stylish, versatile, and just freakin’ cool! What other reasons do you need?? I just got this new pair from Shoeology NYC. They’re an awesome brand based in SoHo, NY who’s involved in the full process of creation to sales of their product, which means they’re able to avoid a lot of the extra costs that other brands deal with and keep prices as low as possible.

Chelseas are one of, if not the most popular boot style right now and I want to talk today about how to style them in the summer time. A lot of times people immediately reach for sneakers, boat shoes, flip flops, or some other type of lighter shoe in the summer, which is understandable. I’m here to show you that you shouldn’t forget about your boots. It’s scientifically proven that they increase masculinity by 63% (not based on any actual facts)........Read Article

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